Week 6 of the 50 Stitches Crochet Along

week 6 of the 50 stitches crochet along

This stitch is made in multiples of 3 plus 1

You can find the links for all the squares in the crochet along here. The free pattern is below, but if you’d like the ad free printable version, it is available either as part of my Lifetime Pattern Pass, or you can purchase it on its own for £5 from Ravelry

UK Translation

Double crochet (dc) = treble crochet

Front post double crochet (fpdc) = front post treble crochet

The Pattern

Click here for the left hand video

You will need a 4mm hook for this square

Start by making a chain of 32

Row 1. DC in 4th chain from hook (the turning chain counts as your first stitch), dc in each stitch across


Row 2. Turning chain, fpdc in next stitch, *dc in next 2 stitches, fpdc* continue across row. In last stitch make a dc

waffle 1


Row 3. Turning chain. *Dc in next stitch, fpdc in next 2 stitches* repeat across the row, in last 2 stitches make a dc

waffle 2

Row 4-15. Repeat rows 2 and 3

End on a repeat of row 3

The Border

Make 2 sc in the side of each row of dc. Add an extra sc in each corner for the turn. Sc in each stitch across the top and bottom.

You should have 30 sc down each side, plus an extra stitch in each corner for the turn. This will make your stitch count as 32 stitches across each side and 124 stitches total (remember the extra stitch corner stitch is counted in the stitch count for both sides)

You have now finished your square and join and you can tie off and weave in the ends

You can now add the interlocking border, joining this weeks square to last weeks as you join. You can see how to do this here

If you have any questions about the pattern or the CAL, then come on over to the Facebook group – 50 Stitches where you can show us your completed squares too.


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