The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner


Plan your year in crochet with this Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner

This super handy A4 Crochet Diary includes everything an organised crocheter needs
- A monthly view calendar
- WIP Tracker
- Gifts to make planner
- Label Challenge
- Temperature blanket recorder
- Guides to hook sizes, yarn weights, symbols and Abbreviations
- Yarn shop and discount code recorder
- Plenty of space for notes

This crochet planner has everything you need to plan your crochet and the rest of your life in one place.

The Calendar is a month to 2 pages with spaces for notes and or course crochet tasks to remember

The Label challenge is to see just how many balls of yarn you use every month. Record how many labels you collect each month and see just how much yarn you get through.

The WIP tracker let's you keep track of all your projects. You'll never forget which hook you were using for that project you haven't picked up for 6 months again

The temperature blanket recorder let's you keep note of the temperature each day so you can keep on track with your heirloom project

The gift planner let's you plan out what presents you need to make for who and when

Keep a note of all your favourite yarn stores and where you can find them as well as any discount codes you come across.

The grid paper will let you plan new projects and try new stitch combinations

Keep track of all the projects you've finished this year so you can look back on all of your hard work

Last but not least for those projects you just don't have time for this year, keep a list of all the things you'd like to make next year when there's more time


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