Introducing The Country Garden 2022 Crochet Along

Introducing The country Garden Crochet Along Blog Image
I’ve been wanting to show off the Country Garden 2022 crochet along design for ages, and now I finally can!

If you’ve been waiting to hear all about it and see the design up close, I have all the details here for you. Keep reading for how to join in, when it starts and what hooks and yarn you need and of course plenty of close ups of the design.

This crochet along pattern is a bit different from my previous ones, the Ray of Hope and the 50 Stitches. This time most of the pattern is made in a single piece. There a few pieces that need to be joined, but not nearly as many as in previous years.

The Country Garden Crochet Along is a lapghan sized blanket and is based on a country garden design. We have a lawn strewn with daisies, flower beds, trellises, paths and butterflies fluttering in the air. It’s given me a chance to use even more new stitches that I haven’t used in any of my designs before, and there’s nothing I love more than being able to try out new stitches and techniques.

Each week there will be a written pattern released with full picture guide on how to create the stitches along with a video guide in both right and left handed versions. The videos will be released on my YouTube channel and the links will be included in the written pattern.

How Do I Join In?

As always, this crochet along will be available for free on my blog, but you can also purchase the ad free version on Ravelry for just £5 here, or you can find it in my Lifetime Pattern Pass with all my other crochet designs here

My 2022 crochet along will run for 37 weeks, starting on the 11th of February. Each week will be released at 8pm on Friday, and we will be finishing on the 21st of October. I run my crochet alongs over such a long period, so that even those with busy lives and crocheting around kids and jobs can keep up and crochet with the whole community over in our Facebook group here

If you would like to receive the links by email each week to both the written pattern and the videos which I host on YouTube, you can sign up for the weekly email alerts here

What Yarn Do I Need?

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This year I’ve chosen Aran yarn which is also known as Worsted weight, or weight 4. If you keep to my gauge of 18 stitches and 7 rows of double crochet in 10 cm then your blanket will measure 105 x 125 cm. For this size you will need a total of 2,500 meters or 2750 yards of yarn.

It isn’t important to keep to my gauge, but if your gauge is bigger than mine, then you will need more yarn and your final blanket will be larger then mine.

The pictures you see in this article were made with Paintbox Cotton Aran yarn, and I’ll be using Caron Simply Soft for the pictures and videos in the pattern.

This is a very colourful pattern, and I’ve used 16 different colours. You can see the different amounts I’ve used for each colour below along with the shade details in both the Paintbox and Caron.

The Paintbox Cotton Aran comes in much smaller balls than the Caron Simply Soft, hence the difference in the number of balls needed for each yarn type.

I’ve only used one size hook for this pattern, a 5mm. But if you tend to make your chains tight, then you may find it useful to have a 5.5mm hook as well.

PaintBox Cotton Aran No. of balls Length needed (m / yds) Caron Simply Soft No. of balls
Grass Green 630 5 425 / 465 Sage 9705 2
Marine Blue 633 4 340 / 372 Cobalt Blue 9784 2
Racing Green 628 3 255 / 279 Cool Green 9770 1
Pistachio 625 3 255 / 279 Soft Green 9739 1
Soft Fudge 610 2 170 / 186 chocolate – 9750 1
Raspberry Pink 644 2 170 / 186 Fuchsia 9764 1
Bubblegum Pink 651 2 170 / 186 Strawberry 15 1
Tea Rose 643 1 85 / 93 Plum Wine 9722 1
Pillar Red 615 1 85 / 93 Harvest Red 9763 1
Pansy Purple 648 1 85 / 93 Iris 9747 1
Pale Lilac 646 1 85 / 93 Orchid 9717 1
Kingfisher Blue 635 1 85 / 93 Royal Blue 9767 1
Daffodil Yellow 622 1 85 / 93 Sunshine 9755 1
Champagne White 603 1 85 / 93 Off White 9702 1
Buttercup Yellow 623 1 85 / 93 Lemonade 9776 1
Blood Orange 620 1 85 / 93 Pumpkin 9765 1

What Sort Of Stitches Are Included In The Design?

This design may be quite intimidating to a beginner, but would suit someone who is looking to venture out and try some new stitches with a supportive community who is there to help if needed. There are at least 18 different crochet stitches included in the design plus 5 different square designs which are all brand new to this crochet along.

Can I See Some Closeups Of The Design?

Of course you can, have a browse through the gallery to see what crochet delights await you, and I’ll see you on the 11th of February 2022 when we get started


  1. Pauline morrison

    Oh wow. Love it. Would love to cal with this one

    • Crystle

      Let me know if you are still doing this in Feb. would love a partner to keep me on track.

  2. lee


    • Chetana

      Hi…Does this need a cotton yarn or acrylic yarn???

      • Kelly Thomas

        You can use either. I’ve made 2 blankets, one in acrylic and one in cotton and both work up well

  3. Sue

    Looks amazing can’t wait to get started

  4. Michi I'Lundaria

    Oooh, this looks like so much fun! Looking forward to Febuary 🙂

  5. Kris

    This is so beautiful and cannot wait for the cal . Thank you for an amazing design .


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