The 2021 Christmas Crochet Gift Guide – 12 Gift Ideas For Crocheters

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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat….

Are you prepared for the gift giving season? Have you planned the gifts you are going to get all your loved ones?

I bet that person in your life you likes to crochet is giving you trouble.

What do you gift a crocheter for Christmas? After all they only need a hook and yarn, and they seem to have hooks and the sheer amount of yarn everywhere in their home looks like they could open their very own yarn shop. So what to buy a crocheter for Christmas?

Well here’s a few ideas that every crocheter would love to have in the 2021 Christmas Crochet Gift Guide

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The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner

This crochet organisational tool is on every crocheters wish list. The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner is full of guides, trackers, calendars and note pages to keep anything and everything crochet related organised. There’s even a month to view calendar to keep the rest of your life on track too

The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner on a grey background surrounded by different coloured yarn and a crochet hook

Yarn Pack

Speaking from experience, I promise you that there’s no greater excitement than the gift of a yarn pack.One ball of yarn isn’t enough to make a project, but a yarn Pack gives you several balls all in well matched colours to give you oodles of ideas of things to make.

Trust me, the gift of squishy goodness that comes in a yarn pack is sure to put your 2021 crochet Christmas gift on the top spot of favourite presents as there is no end of patterns that can be crocheted up with these beautiful yarn colourpack choices

Water Bottle

We all know the need for drinking enough water everyday, and we need to protect the turtles and not use plastic bottles. Now you can do both, and do it in style with these utterly crotabulous crochet themed Water Bottles.

Keep cool, hydrated and look after the turtles in one fell swoop. What could be better?

Crochet Stitch Bible

If your crochet buddy loves to try out new stitches then a stitch bible makes the perfect gift. Filled with hundreds of different stitches to try with all the instructions on how to make each one, a stitch bible is a sure fire bet to put a smile on the face of your crochet pal on Christmas morning

There are lots of different stitch books to choose from, and all have lots of different crochet stitches in them, but this stitch bible is a favourite of mine and I delve into it every chance I get. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t have the stitch names. But the instructions are good and clear and there is plenty of variety to choose from.

Crochet WIP Tracker

If you’ve ever had the frustration of putting a project to oneside then picking it up months later only to realise that you’ve forgotten what hook size you were using and you can’t remember where you put the pattern, then you know why a Work In Progress (WIP) tracker would be at the top of any crocheters 2021 Christmas Crochet Wish List.

This A4 Crochet WIP tracker has space for 90 WIPs, with plenty of room to record hook sizes, pattern name, gauge, special notes and yarn label info.

It will make the perfect stocking filler for any crochet enthusiast

Crochet WIP tracker on a grey background surrounded by different coloured balls of yarn and crochet hooks

Crochet Hook Set

You can’t go wrong with an entire ergonomic crochet Hook Set. I can’t recommend Clover Amour crochet hooks enough for value for money and comfort. They are also really durable. I’ve had my Set for years and still use them everyday, they’re just so comfortable to use and just glide through yarn. The ergonomic handle means that they sit really comfortably in the hand, meaning that you won’t get hand cramp and can keep crocheting for longer

You can buy these hooks individually, but to have the whole set would just make the perfect 2021 Crochet Christmas Gift.

Crochet Ring

Crochet rings are a really useful piece of finger wear. The point of them is to stop yarn from rubbing the finger sore. This can be a problem if using rough yarn or crocheting for a good while at a time.

You can get some really pretty crochet rings, but be sure to check for functionality too – they need a decent size hook element to them to work without being too fiddly. Here are a few crochet rings that caught my eye that are stylish as well as being able to do the job well and would make a fab Christmas gift or a little stocking filler


Yarn Bowl

A yarn bowl doesn’t have to be just functional, it can be a beautiful thing too. A yarn bowl holds a ball of yarn while you work so it doesn’t go tumbling around everywhere as you unravel it. it’s the perfect tool if you have pets and want to avoid fur attaching itself to your yarn or if you just want to stop your ball of yarn from disappearing across the carpet

Yarn bowls come in all sorts of designs and colours, and can be made from wood, ceramic or even stone. You’re sure to find one to suit any tastes if you take a browse around.

Project Bag

All those on the go crochet projects need to be kept together. After all you can’t have yarn that’s been designated for 1 project accidentally getting picked up to make a different project. So project bags are a must, and when you get to choose from fabulous designs like this, the only question is. Which one to choose?

Snug Crochet Hoodie

There’s truly nothing better than putting on your favourite cosy hoodie and snuggling up in your favourite spot with your crochet on a cold evening.

It feels so good to be wrapped up in that cosy comfort top! Well let’s make it a proper crochet top with these fabulous designs, all crochet related. There are several styles of hoodie to choose from too so there is something to suit everyone

The Cool Crochet Society Pattern Pass

If patterns from The Cool Crochet Society are their cup of tea, then why not gift them a Lifetime subscription to the Pattern Pass?

The pass contains all of The Cool Crochet societies published patterns, as well as all future patterns for a one off fee. All the crochet alongs are included as well as the ad free versions of the free patterns on the blog.

There you have it, a few suggestions for gifts to suit your crochet loving loved ones. The 2021 Christmas Crochet Gift Guide is full of different ideas with something to suit everyone. Has anything in particular caught your eye? Come and let us know over in our Facebook group


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