How To Add Tassels To Your Crochet – Tassels 2 Ways

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Adding tassels to your crochet is a great way to add a finishing touch to scarves, rugs, blankets etc. They can really make that perfect finishing touch and make that great project look extra special.

There are many ways to make tassels and add them to your crochet, but they tend to fall into two categories – the fringe type and the statement feature. Fringe tassels make a fringe along an edge, commonly used to edge scarves. Statement tassels are much bigger and more substantial. These are often used on the end of drawstrings for bags, or on the corners of bed throws to weigh them down.

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Let’s look at 2 ways to make tassels – the everyday fringe type, and the statement feature type. I’ve used non mercerised Rico Creative Cotton Aran yarn for my fringes but you can you acrylic yarn as well

add tassels to your crochet, a red fringe on a blue crochet piece on the left, a red statement tassel on the right

The Fringe Tassel

The Fringe Tassel is a great way to add a finishing touch to a scarf, or shawl. It’s also a great way to hide uneven edges if things have gone a little bit wonky.

Start by deciding how long you want your tassels to be. You need to cut your lengths of yarn to just over double the finished length that you want – add at least an extra 1cm to account for the knot you will be making later. You can add as few or as many lengths of yarn that you want, depending on how thick you want your tassel to be. I’ve used 3 lengths of yarn in this example, but you can add more or less depending on what kind of finish you’re looking to achieve.

Once you’ve cut all the lengths of yarn you need for your tassel, fold your threads in half. You’re going to be working into the loop at the fold – the top part in the picture below.

Into the stitch, or side of the row that you want to add your tassel, insert your crochet hook to help pull the loop through. You want to keep your threads half in half out like the picture below.

Then pull the ends of your threads through the loop made where your yarn folds in half. Pull tight to secure your tassel

Trim your tassel to neaten it up – I would leave this step until after you’ve added all of your tassels. This way you can trim everything at the same time and they will all be the same length.

Repeat along the whole edge, spacing your tassels out out at even intervals

The statement tassel

The Statement tassel is a beautiful way to add a finishing touch to drawstring bags, triangular scarves and blanket corners.

You can make them as big and thick as you like

For these you will need a piece of cardboard measuring the length you want your tassel to be plus another 1cm / ¼ inch.

Wrap your yarn around the cardboard. The more wraps you add, the thicker your tassel will be.

When you’ve wrapped it as much as you need, cut the bottom threads, keeping hold of the rest of your yarn. you can now discard the cardboard, we won’t need it to complete your tassel.

Tie a length of yarn around the the middle of the top threads and tie a double knot. This secures the centre of your folded yarn and stops the lengths from moving

Now we need to wrap a long piece of yarn around the top part of your tassel to give it that beautiful look. You can use the same colour yarn as the main part or you can choose a contrasting colour for this. Your choice completely.

Cut off a long length of yarn – enough to wrap around your tassel several times, and make a double knot around 1cm / ¼ inch from the top. Wrap the rest of the thread around your tassel, nice and firmly. Use the ends to tie a double knot, then tuck the knot down into the top of wrap so it’s hidden behind.

Once you’ve done that, trim your ends from the wrap, and trim the bottom of your tassel to get a nice neat edge.

If you want a fluffier look, you can brush out your tassel with a metal comb. Wire dog brushes like this are perfect for this, and comb out the threads really quickly, creating a lovely fine and fluffly tassel

There you have it. 2 quick and easy ways to make tassels for your crochet, and add a beautiful finishing touch to your projects.

I’d love to see how you use tassels in your crochet. Why not come over to our Facebook group here and show off your beautiful work


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