The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner

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If you need a way to keep your crochet life organised, then this is the crochet organiser for you. The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner is packed full of calenders, trackers, recording pages, guides and has plenty of space for notes and doodles too.

Oh, and my little frogging frog Ripberta will be keeping you company too!

What Is In The 2022 Crochet Planner?

There is oh so much packed into the 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner. It is the one stop place to keep your crochet life organised and have all of your notes in one place – Watch the video above to see all that is on offer.

Inside you will find:

  • Hook Size guide
  • Symbols Decoded
  • Abbreviations explained
  • Quick fibre guide
  • Month to view calender
  • Temperature blanket planner
  • WIP Tracker
  • Label challenge
  • Yarn stores to remember
  • Gift planner
  • Finished projects
  • Things to do next year
  • Notes and doodles

This super handy crochet diary is packed full of organisational tools and guides all printed on premium quality paper – there is no tissue thin stuff in this fabulous crochet book. Let’s start at the beginning.

You will first find guides to hook sizes, common crochet symbols, a quick fibre guide and abbreviation meanings. All to help you decipher crochet patterns and what they are asking you to do.

Then we get to your month to view calender. Each month is spread over 2 pages so you have plenty of space to keep note of your planned activities outside of your crochet life too. Don’t worry though, there is also space for you to make notes and of course keep track of all the crochet things you need to remember.

Next up is the label challenge. Have you ever wondered just how much yarn you get through each year? Well now you can find out. Just tally up the number of yarn labels you have each month and you can find out what your yearly yarn usage is. Will you be shocked or underwhelmed by your number?

After the label challenge we get to the temperature blanket planner. Temperature blankets are made by making each row / round a colour that corresponds with that days temperature. The temperature planner gives you space to decide your colour scheme for each temperature range, and you can record your temperatures for each day of the year in case you get behind. That way you will still have everything written down to catch up later.

WIP trackers are one of the best organisational tools a crocheter can have. You can write down all if the information for your current project including hook sizes, gauging info, all your yarn information and there is space for any notes that you need to keep track of. There is space for 30 WIPs in the 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner, so plenty of space for all that crocheting you’re planning.

Have you ever come across a yarn store when either driving around town or browsing through Facebook and thought, I must remember that store. How many times have you forgotten the name when you come to look it up later? Well now you can write it down straight in your crochet diary on your yarn store pages. There’s even space to jot down any discount codes you might come across

The Present Tracker. I don’t know about you but it’s always a memory basher trying to remember what I need to make for who, and for what occasion. Now you can plan it all out including the date you need to have everything finished by

Finished projects recorder. This is a great way to look back over everything you’ve achieved over the year. Sometimes we forget about little projects we’ve done, or just how many projects we really did get through this year. Keep a record of them and take a trip down memory lane through your crochet.

Things to do next year. There’s always a projrct that will catch your eye while browsing the Internet, but you just know that there no way you’ll find time for it this year. So keep a note if it for next year, so you don’t forget where you saw it and who the designer is. You’ll have no more frustrated searches truing yo figure out what the pattern was and where you first saw it.

Notes and doodles. Last but not least we have space for notes and doodles. There are squared pages and lined pages for you to figure out new patterns or just keep note of anything you might find useful

There you have it! A complete walkthrough of The 2022 Incredibly Awesome Crochet Planner, the Crochet Diary to keep your whole Crochet life organised in 2022.

You can get your copy now on Amazon, just click the button ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️



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