20 Gift Ideas For Crochet Lovers

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Crocheters can be hard to buy for. They are picky about their yarn,and it needs to be bulk bought because, you know – dye lots. They are even fussier about their hooks and already have dozens lying around. So what can you buy them for birthdays, Mothers day, Fathers Day, Christmas or just because you want to treat them?

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Here are 20 gift ideas for those hard to buy for crochet lovers in your life

  1. Yarn Mug – I like big balls I cannot Lie

Admit it, this is genius. What crochet lover wouldn’t want a cuppa in a yarn mug. And they definitely all love a big ball of yarn!

2. Limited Edition Scheepjes mango wood yarn bowl

This is a truly stunning yarn bowl, and a limited edition no less! Scheepjes makes high quality yarns, and brings out a few collectable accessories each year. These are highly prized by Scheepjes fans

3. Zebra amigurumi crochet kit

This super cute zebra kit contains everything you need to make this stuffed toy. Kits are a great way to gift yarn as you know that everything needed for the project is included.

4. Travelling Project Bag

This bag is perfect for packing up a WIP (work in progress) for when you’re on the move. With side pockets for hooks and accessories, this will be a much cherished gift

5. Nostepinne Maple Wood Center Pull Ball Yarn Winder

Yarn winders make life so much easier when using a ball of yarn. No nasty surprises if there are any knots in the middle, and they’re just much easier to use once wound into a lovely cake by a winder.

6. The Big Book of Crochet Stitches

At least one stitch bible is essential for any crocheter who wants to try out new stitches. This is one of the most popular.

7. Light up Crochet Hook

This light up crochet hook with a wooden ergonomic handle is the perfect gift for any crocheter who likes to hook away in the evening. The hook lights up so they can crochet in dim light.

8. Yarn Storage Bag

Every crocheter always needs more storage space for yarn, and what better gift than a sealable yarn storage bag to keep the wooly goodness safe from dust and pet fur.

9. Clover Yarn Cutter Pendent

Whether its the risk of toddlers grabbing things they shouldn’t or going on a long haul flight, we can’t always have sharp scissors near at hand to cut our yarn. This yarn cutter pendent hides the blades safely inside the notches, making this a safe way to have something handy to cut yarn and its pretty too – bonus!

10. Rechargeable Neck Light

If your trying to crochet while your partner or child is trying to sleep then this neck light is ideal. Crocheting can continue with this directing light only where is needed, while leaving everyone else undisturbed

11. Unicorns, Dragons and More Fantasy Amigurumi Book

Who wouldn’t love this adorable book of amigurumi patterns? Amigurumi are crochet stuffed toys, and the ones in this book are just the cutest!

12. I’m an Amazing Hooker Crochet Journal

Just the title of this journal makes it a crochet must have! The journal is there for you to plan projects, keep notes of your yarn stash, current project with hook size and any crochet like thoughts that need noting down

13. Wooden Blocking Board With Pins

Blocking a finished crochet piece can be very tedious, with getting those edges nice and straight being particularly challenging. A blocking board like this makes the whole task a doddle and is so much quicker

14. Safety Eyes and Nose Kit

If there is a lot of crocheting of stuffed toys, then this kit could be ideal. Safety eyes and noses are needed if they are to be given to children to play with, making this kit the perfect gift for those that love to crochet toys

15. My Ball Sack Tote Bag

If they love a funny bag, then this tote makes a great gift. Ideal for keeping the current work in progress safe and tidy

16. Blanket Ladder

If that special crocheter in your life loves to crochet blankets, but is struggling to display the, then a blanket ladder is the gift you need. This free standing ladder can hold several blankets so they can be displayed around the home

17. Mandala Hoops

Mandala’s make beautiful home decor. They are circular decorative crochet pieces that need to be mounted onto hoops to keep their shape. These large hoops would make a great gift for a crocheter on a home decor spree.

18. Tunisian Crochet Book

Tunisian crochet is a different technique to ‘normal’ crochet, so this could be a fabulous gift for a crocheter who wants to try something different

19. Crochet Hoody

Keep warm and cosy while crocheting while making sure everybody around you knows exactly what your doing

20. The Cool Crochet Society Pattern Pass

Give that special crocheter lifetime access to all the patterns published by the Cool Crochet Society, both current and all future patterns too. This is a one off payment and no matter how many patterns get released, there will never be anything else to pay


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